Tuesday, 6 August 2013

FQ Retreat - Part II (Eventually!)

Ok so it's taken about 100 years for me to get around to writing this post about my wonderful Fat Quarterly Retreat experience - who'd have thought the summer holidays would be so all consuming! 
But better late than never, and I wanted to share a few of the projects and very importantly, fabrics that I purchased while I was there.  My goodness it was such a treat to touch and feel the fabrics before I bought them.  (We are somewhat of a fabric dessert here in Jersey).
First of all, here's my little embroidery that I made a start on in John's Class.  (Check out his page, you'll see me and my work on his blog too, yay!)
And here's the lovely Liberty bag that we all received on arrival...
Full of wonderful goodies!
And in no particular order, here are all the fabrics that I bought on Market night. 
Don't you just adore the cute little mirror - my dear blogging friend and now real life friend Liz had a stall where you could turn your fabric into badges; let's just say I was there a LONG time!  Such a cool idea Liz...I might have to become an agent for the Channel Islands Franchise ;-)

These are a random bunch of fat quarters that I just had to have, and not necessarily to use all together.

Now things start to get exciting.  At first glance yes, Liberty.  But closer inspection reveals no less than Hello Kitty Liberty...talk about fabulous!  This print was so popular that it sold out in the blue colourway before I could get my hands on some.  But I'm a rather girly girl, so I was happy  delighted with this one.

 And talking of Liberty, here's another sneaky purchase that I picked up at the treasure trove that is the Shaukat store, just up the road.   

Ever since it's been released, I've had my eye on this gorgeous, organic Robot Fabric.  So I just couldn't resist a whole bundle.  One day when my 'to do' list isn't so enormous I'll get around to making a Robot quilt.  I have the design in my head and everything. 

And of course I had to stop by and say 'hi' and have a catch up with the wonderful Lu Summers,( who came to Jersey in March of this year to teach, read about it here) and I added to my already quite large Summersville Spring stash :-)

And finally, did I mention what fun I had in the Fabric Fantasy workshop with Kerry?

Well here's the bundle I made and subsequently purchased.  I wanted to try something different from my usual style and thought I'd go 'low volume'.  This is what I came up with.
Ideally I wouldn't have had two lots of pearl bracelets, but there wasn't another fabric in the same colourway that I wanted, so I'll live with the two.  I don't think it's the crime of the century and I do love a pearl bracelet.  Real or fabric!
When I purchased my bundle at the Quilt Market (care of The Village Haberdashery) no less than 2 people wanted to make up the bundle for themselves, so I was completely thrilled, as you can imagine.  I'm thinking I need my name on it somewhere ;-0
Well I think that's it for the FQ Retreat roundup. 
Tomorrow is the start of my next adventure...Festival of Quilts...ekk, I'm excited!  Are you going?  I'd love to hear from you! 
I'll be back next week with hopefully a more prompt roundup of my trip.
Thank you so much for stopping by,
Sarah x




  1. Wow - I do love your Low Volume bundle!
    you picked up some nice fabrics there!
    xo jan

  2. Great haul Sarah! I totally missed the Hello Kitty liberty but I think it might have sold out before I got there..

  3. What beautiful fabrics you picked up! Great selection.

  4. A robot quilt would be amazing! I loved Liz's stall too, I've already used some of the mirrors for presents :D

  5. you lucky girl, some fabby fabrics there! I also love your low volume bundle, not my usual thing either but it is really appealing. And I love the Liberty fabric you got from Shaukat!

  6. Oh, I've just been working with Lotta's glimma range too but I didn't go quite so low volume!

  7. Am experiencing a little bit of fabric envy ... beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  8. You can't go wrong with pearl bracelets and I love your muted shade choices for the LV.

  9. I love your fabric choices for the low volume too! How fun - and OH my - that Hello Kitty fabric?? To die for!! That is so awesome you go tto go to the Fat Quarterly retreat!!


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