Beautiful Jersey

Quilt Candy is based in Jersey, Channel Islands, off the coast of France.  It's such a beautiful place to live, I am so lucky to be here and for my children to grow up here.  Our lives are rich in so many ways and it's something we must never take for granted.  So I wanted to share some pictures with you. 

The beaches have golden sand and turquoise seas;


The coastline is stunning and dramatic;

It's an Island steeped in History...

And it knows how to have a good time;

And last but not least, it's home to the famous Jersey cows, who are as every bit as friendly and adorable as they look. 

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into this wonderful Island, and if you ever get a chance to visit, I can't recommend it highly enough. 

Sarah x

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  1. Oh I want to visit even more now. We have some jersey cows here in Australia and they are very handsome. Is that a pic on Mont St Michelle in your post? I know that there are other monasteries like it in Wales. Got to love Neil Oliver and Coast for keeping me informed.


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