Friday, 4 April 2014

Wee Wander Quilted Cushion

It's a very rare that I get time to sit and do some sewing for 'me', but I am so in love with the Wee Wander Collection by Sarah Jane, that I wanted to use it to make something for myself to keep.  A cushion seemed perfect.  

I made yet more Economy blocks using this tutorial and I think I've said before, I'm completely addicted to them.  I just love how they showcase your very favourite fabrics, and I love the on point square within a square.  They are super fun to make, and by over-sizing the pieces and then trimming back, it's possible to get near perfect blocks every time.

I'm really happy with the back of the cushion too, as I just love all the characters; that tree is beautiful and the deer adorable. 

 Who wouldn't want to sit and play with the animals in fields full of blossom!  

I opted for an envelope back so that I could include some of my hand made fabric buttons.  

And I quilted the front with 1" vertical straight lines, using my favourite Aurifil 50 weight thread, number 2425.  It's such a gorgeous candy pink colour and so much more enjoyable to sew with than my usual grey!  Hopefully the quilting gives it just enough texture without taking away from the characters.   

This cushion indulges all my favourite things.  It's pink, it's quilted, it's vintage, it's whimsical.  And best of all, just this once, it's all mine :-)

Sarah x


  1. It's lovely. You're on an economy block roll !

  2. So sweet. I love those fabrics.

  3. Your cushion is utterly delightful. Such beautiful work. And the Economy block link is interesting too ...a good tip.

  4. It's beautiful Sarah, lovely fabric and lovely design. Enjoy it!

  5. AGH!! I love it Sarah!!! Gorgeous - love the back w/the buttons! Perfect touch!

  6. It's gorgeous, I'm so glad that you get to keep it!


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