Friday, 4 July 2014

Hello Kitty!

It's the eve of the 5th birthday party.  My goodness it's been a long time coming.  Preparations have been under way for weeks.  No months.  Because about 6 months ago I had the crazy idea to turn a cross stitch pattern into a quilt.  Not just any quilt.  Oh no. It had to be a very special Hello Kitty quilt for my daughter's 5th birthday.  Which seemed like a good idea at the time, until this week when it was touch and go whether it was going to be finished in time for the Hello Kitty Party.  

It's been a crazy week of stitching.  I mean, non-stop stitching in between being a full time mum and part time teacher.  But I did it.  All 730 two inch squares of her.  Phew!!  And here she is.  

Can you see the horizontal quilting?  It took me a loooong time.  But I think it's worth it.  I wanted all that white space to have lots of lovely texture, and I think it has, what do you think?  

I also used this quilt as an opportunity to try out a new technique that I learnt in a workshop with award winning quilter Philippa Naylor.  

I just love the look of the piping next to the binding and it's definitely something I'll do again.  Sure, it's quite a bit of extra work, but I think it's worth it.  

I'm feeling pleased that a little vision of turning a cross stitch into a quilt actually worked.  This is how she started. 

And here she is as a quilt.  Kitty's favourite pastime is laying in sun.  

And I'm very envious because I can't remember the last time I laid in the sun for more than 5 minutes...I've got a party to organise!  

Quilt Stats:

Pattern:  Hello Kitty Cross Stitch Chart
Size: Approx 50" x 60"
Fabric: Kona Coal, White, Azalea, Carnation
Backing: Kate Spain
Thread: Aurifil
Quilting: 1/2 inch horizontal straight line quilting
Pieced and Quilted by: Me

Sarah x

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  1. I think you did a stellar job. Hope she has a wonderful birthday and you get a chance to put you feet up afterwards.

  2. Have fun at the party! Great idea with the cross-stitch pattern--maybe an easier way to get a pixelated effect than some others?

  3. Fantabulous Sarah, well worth every minute of your super efforts, can't wait to see pics of F with it. Have the best weekend, much love C x

  4. It's a stunner, Sarah, she's going to love it! Great quilting too and I really like the addition of the piping. 730 x 2" squares? That's a lot of love gone into that quilt :)

  5. It looks wonderful :-) You did a great job. Hope you've still got some energy left for the party!

  6. Such a fabulous idea to use a cross stitch pattern! Do hope the party goes really well.

  7. Lovely! I especially love the piping and binding.

  8. wow that is wonderful, I think you did an excellent job converting the pattern, I'm sure your daughter will be very happy

  9. That is adorable, and I can't believe you chose all that quilting with a deadline! But I do love the texture - the whole thing is great.

  10. Brilliant! It's a sure fire winner and I love the double binding

  11. Such a fantastic quilt Sarah! I really love everything about it and with that amazing quilting and binding (got to try that one day!) it's just about perfect. A huge well done!!

  12. Wow, it's fabulous. I love the quilting. I hope the party went well and that your daughter loved the quilt.

  13. I'm loving your rendition of Hello Kitty and very envious of your binding skills (with the added bonus of piping!). I suspect it was a favorite present for the recipient!

  14. The quot is great. I sure hope the five year old appreciated it? My daughter would have. But then some days, you know, she may not have, just to see if her reaction affects others. Girls can be manipulative that way!

  15. Amazing. Great use of the cross stitch pattern!
    The piping is a beautiful finishing touch.


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