Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Summer Roundup

I hadn't planned to have a blogging hiatus over the summer, but life just got so busy with the two little Candies that it had to take a back seat.  

So I thought I'd do a quick round up of the holidays, starting with the fun and merriment that was had at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London.  

Here I am with Kerri, Liz and Nikki, who came up to meet us all on the Friday night.  You can't beat catching up with sewing friends!

And this was us on the last morning, chatting, hand stitching and enjoying the sunshine.  Can life get any better?!

I had a great time taking part in so many classes and table top sessions, and I was particularly pleased that I actually got to finish a quilt top.

I think I'll add some big white borders to this quilt so it's a bit larger, and to really make the colours pop.  I can't wait to finish this one, and it's for keeps!

So anyway, after the FQR, I was lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter Studios, which was just fantastic.  Do you know this street?!

I did also manage a few makes once I got back to Jersey.  

This summer was particularly special for me, because my daughter made her very first quilt!!  Here she is with her patchwork quilt (technically it's a blanket) for her toy lion, Simba.  

Thankfully there was also time for a family summer holiday, first to Disneyland Paris and then the Dordoigne in France.  

And now it's all over!  But it will be nice to get back into a routine again, not to mention catching up on all the blogs I've missed reading over the summer.

I hope you've had a great summer too.  Thanks for stopping by,

Sarah x  


  1. Looks like you had a brilliant summer!

  2. wonderful, super citrus cushion! Kx

  3. What a busy summer! Great work on the cushions.

  4. Your daughter's quilt is wonderful. So glad you had a great summer :-)

  5. WOW!! Super cute finishes and your daughter's quilt is so cute! So jealous you got to stop by Privet Drive!!! EEEK! ;) What a fun summer!


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