Monday, 24 December 2012

All Set for Christmas

My poor blog has been neglected for a couple of weeks now.  But with good reason, because I am on holiday in Paraguay, with my family and mother in law, who lives here.  We are having just a lovely time, which doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging! 

I will share a couple of pictures of our holiday in due course, but as it's Christmas Eve, I am very excited to show you the Christmas place mat that I made for my daughter since we've been here.

Being without my sewing machine, I indulged in a little EPP and used these gorgeous Christmassy fabrics that I purchased in a bundle from Backstitch.

I wanted the outside of the place mat to be reminescent of berries and holly, so I used red centres between different shades of green.  It's more of an abstract interpretation ;-) 

When I had finished appliqueing the hexies,  I felt that the place mat needed something around the edge to bring it altogether.  As luck would have it, I have also brought some cross stitch supplies for my next 'away from home' sewing project, so I used a gold embroidery thread and stitched a basic running stitch all the way around the border.  

I am glad that I did, because it really gives it a much more Christmassy feel.  

And here is the place mat set for Christmas Eve, ready to greet Father Christmas after a tiring journey through 30 degree heat (yes, it's that hot at night!) 

My mother in law made the mince pie and my daughter lovingly set the table, and included her 'Diva lamp' which is a very special lamp that she made for Diwali at her pre-school.  As soon as she brought it home she declared that it was for Nanny, so here it is, having traveled half way across the world, with pride of place on the place mat.

I shall post again in a couple of days with a little selection of photos of Paraguay; it really is such a fascinating, eclectic and exciting place to be.  

But for now, where ever you may be, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful day, filled with family, fun and festivities.  

Sarah x


  1. Your place mat is lovely Sarah. I'm always astounded at how incredibly neat your work is. I'm sure Santa was thrilled with his mince pie and wine, especially as he could find his way with the beautiful Diva lamp.

  2. I love the mat and especially the Diva lamp, I'm enjoying very much hearing all your news and can't wait to see more pictures Big hugs x

  3. Lovely placemat....there's something so therapeutic about EPP! Nice to have you back, BTW.

  4. Lovely placemat....there's something so therapeutic about EPP! Nice to have you back, BTW.


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