Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Stash #2

Sometimes I just see a collection of fabrics online and know that they are exactly suited to my style.
And that's what happened when I saw the 'Gypsy Girl' collection by Lily Ashbury.

I just fell in love with the colour combinations and their femininity immediately. Completely inappropriate for this time of year, as they are wonderfully summery and gorgeous, but I couldn't risk them being sold out, I had to purchase them there and then. 
I couldn't resist playing around photographing these fabrics, they really are a joy.

When I first saw these fabrics, I didn't initially realise that they were by Lily Ashbury.  I recently made a quilt that I named 'Vintage India' using her Trade Winds collection.
I think I am drawn to her vintage style and bold use of colour.  I am really looking forward to working on this quilt.  But it's going to go on the back burner until the Spring, I have a few 'wintery' projects that I want to complete first.
What fabrics and collections have caught your eye lately that you 'must have' and what are you going to make with them?  
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  1. Gorgeous fabrics Sarah. I have been admiring this collection, too! I guess I'll have to wait til the spring to see what you make, but I am sure it will be lovely!!

  2. Don t they look like a lovely selection of lollies? I have not heard of this range before so thanks for posting about it and the designer.


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