Monday, 28 January 2013

A Little Bit of Bunting

A few weeks go I made some Pirate Bunting to go on my website and so this week I wanted to add to my bunting collection and make some that was more 'feminine.'  I am reluctant to say 'for girls' as I am aware that there are probably many female pirate lovers out there, but I wanted to go sugary sweet, and yes, you guessed it, pink.   This is what I came up with.

Cute little cupcakes and flowers, with complimentary green and pink flags in between.  I've decided to call it Cherry Cupcake Bunting.  

And it just so happens that my daughter has  pink bedroom, and  it matches perfectly so this set is for her  I.  I didn't personalise it because she already has quite a few things with her name on, but this option is available on my shop .

It has been a special weekend too, as my son had his first birthday.  Sadly the birthday celebrations were slightly more low key than planned due to lots of last minute cancellations because to sickness,  but some very special friends did come over and join in the celebrations, which of course included cake, and lots of it! 

Back to quilting news, I have recently purchased lots of new fabrics, and I look forward to sharing them and telling you what I've got planned.  I have lots of projects in my head and I can't wait to get started!

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  1. Love the cake!!! (Sorry, rather hungry right now.) The bunting is very pretty too.

  2. The cake is amazing! The bunting so pretty!

  3. Both the bunting and the cake look wonderful. There's a LOT of chocolate fingers in there ..... mmmmmm, I can taste them now, yum!

  4. The bunting is lovely - I love pink and green together. It's one of my favourite combinations. Happy 1st birthday to your little one - the cake looks amazing!

  5. Mmm cake looks fab, as does the bunting!

  6. The bunting is beautiful, very sweet.
    Lovely cake.


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