Sunday, 7 July 2013

Swap Sewing for Cake Decorating? Never again! (Till next year)

I've been a little quiet this week.  Quiet in the blog sense of the word, not so quiet in the 'real life' sense of the word.  You see, this last week has been the build up to a very special event.
Yes.  My daughter's 4th Birthday party.  And believe me, expectations were high.  Hand made invites had already been sent out (and met with daughter approval.)  Now it was the small issue of the cake. 
"Mummy please can you make me a cake for my party.  A Fireman Sam Cake.  With a 4 on it."  
No pressure then!    This is what I came up with.
And if you've endured  seen Fireman Sam for even five minutes, you  will know that Norman is very naughty.  So naughty in fact that he wouldn't stay upright on the cake.  Fireman Sam was good as gold and remained vertical for the duration of the party.  But oh no, not Norman! 
The next request from my daughter soon followed.  "Mummy please can I have Fireman Sam cupcakes.  We need new cupcake cases too."   The pink ones in the cupboard were clearly not going to do. 
So several more hours of baking and fondant rolling later, I produced these.
And I think it's fair to say the party went well, in particular the bouncy castle and the face painter, who transformed the little angels into butterflies, mermaids and Spiderman, to name but a few. 
After a whole day recovering from the trauma of + 10 four year olds descending on our garden, I felt revived enough to get my sewing machine out and I finished off some nautical bunting.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture!
And I've also managed to package my strip for the Strip Bees, ready to send off to Julie.
I'm kind of breathing a sigh of relief that this weekend is over.  It's been wonderful, and the weather glorious, we really couldn't have asked for more.  But that's me done on hosting birthday parties.  Well, until January, when my son turns 2.  And as for cake decorating, I won't be doing that again till January either.  All that hard work, just to get cut up and eaten.  Give me a quilt any day!! 
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  1. Fireman Sam was the best, they even had a Sarah and Jamie just like me and my brother! (I think anyway!) In all seriousness, the cakes look lovely and I'm sure that your daughter appreciated having her wishes fulfilled!

    The strip bees strip looks great too :D

  2. I'm so glad I'm done with all that, dreading the grandchildren stage. Just wait till you're off visiting W & F wherever they are in the world, I suspect that's hard to imagine at this stage but the years will fly by waaayyyy too fast xxx

  3. I think the cake and cupcakes looked wonderful! I bet they tasted good too!

  4. You are a multi-talented lady, Sarah. I am sure you pleased your daughter by fulfilling all her requests! The cake and the cupcakes were amazing! And the party did look like a lot of fun. Congrats to you for making her day sew special!


  5. Your cakes turned out beautifully!

  6. I agree, I detest cake decorating and organising birthday parties. I've never done fondant icing, just butter icing before. Pity cake icing doesn't involve sewing fabric together!

  7. Looks like it was a fab party!

  8. Naughty Norman!
    It looks like you've set the bar high for her 5th birthday.

  9. My son outgrew Fireman Sam but I love when I hear the opening music. Your cake was a delight and I bet your little one loved every minute of her special day.

  10. I've got my first "creative" birthday cake to make next month. I'm still naive enough to think it will be fun! :-)


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