Sunday, 30 June 2013

Flower Fairy Fever

First of all, I would like to send out a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by on the bloghop last week, it was so heart warming to receive such kind and generous comments, every single one of them made my day!  I have done my upmost to reply to one and all, and I've had some great quilty conversations too :-) 
Apart from the hop, it's been a phenomenally busy week.  I've gone from life coming to a complete standstill while my children both had chicken pox, to busy overdrive.  Think school induction days, playgroups, swimming lessons, ballet lessons, play dates, you name it.  Not to mention party preparation for the special girl in my life who turns 4 very soon.   Overdrive is exhausting, but I have to say I prefer it!
In between being busy with the children, I've managed to complete the cot quilt top of my fairy quilt.

This fabric is completely gorgeous as you can see.  Not just in design but in feel too, as there are so many different textures.  The spot fabric is an upholstery fabric, which makes it so tactile, almost like velvet, but the only drawback is the weave is so much looser than a standard quilting cotton.  So I've had to do a lot to reinforce it. For example, I've zig-zagged all around the edge of the quilt like this. 

And when I was chain piecing I did a few backstitches at both the beginning and end of each square to give it extra strength.  It's taken a bit longer, but I think it's worth the extra effort. 
So now I am making the same quilt, this time single bed sized.  I'm just over half way through...wish me luck! 
Thanks so much for stopping by. 
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  1. Looks pretty. I just feel a bit sorry for those fairies without head.

  2. Nice idea to use upholstery fabric! Looks much more textured. Visiting from let's get acquainted - hi :-)

  3. Visiting from LGA ;) I love this quilt so much, keep at it, you're making great head way! x

  4. Gosh, you've had a busy time of it recently, well done for getting the quilt top done it looks beautiful!

  5. This is sew adorable! I love it and the upholstery fabric adds great texture! Cute:)

  6. I think different textured fabrics are such a great idea for a quilt for a little one! Thanks for stopping by Let's Get Acquainted this week!


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