Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Bit Like Buses...

Nothing for ages then they call come at once. 
That's how this week has panned out so far. 
First of all I am running a GIVEAWAY, open till Friday at Midnight, so if you haven't entered already, don't forget to soon!  Click here for details.  Here's what you can win.

And secondly, I am running a competition for the residents of Jersey, in association with the local rag, known as the Jersey Evening Post, or the JEP as us locals like to call it.  Here it is in print.

And if you are a Jersey resident and want to enter, you can visit the Facebook JEP Parenting page here.
And finally, by weird coincidence, I am also in what can only be described as a rather stylish and glossy Jersey magazine, called Gallery, which came out yesterday.

Told you it was a busy week!

There has been some sewing too, and thanks to my son starting nursery for the first time today (ekk!) I was able to work during daylight hours; a rare treat for me! 
I also had a little visit to a new quilting 'cabin' this morning.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures, but I went with my good friend Sue, and she has blogged all about it here.  To stroke fabrics in real life was a real treat as fabric shops on this small island are somewhat limited!  I did refrain from any more fabric purchases, but I did treat myself to a pair of quilting gloves, which I am looking forward to putting to good use.
Thank you so much for stopping by.  I'm replacing my needle and thread for card and paper tonight - I'm making Fireman Sam invitations for my daughter's 4th Birthday party!

Sarah x


  1. What an exciting week! Look forward to the blog hop.

  2. Hope all this publicity is good for sales. How great you are getting the attention.

  3. Yes, what Susan says - great that you are getting noticed :)


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