Saturday, 1 June 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Another month has whizzed by, and as usual there's too many projects and not enough time.  But it's been a good month, with a  day trip to London (you can read about it here) to visit both the Tate Modern and the Kaffe Fasset A Life in Colour Exhibition and a few finishes as well.  
I think a collage is in order.

I finished my Anchors Away Quilt, made some nautical bunting for my friend's son's first birthday and I've completed my I Heart NY quilt top.  This picture doesn't really show the scale of it.  It's bigger than a cot quilt and the squares are 3" x 3".  So it took a while to chain piece all 234 of them!  But I did it in just over a week and  it's now basted and ready for quilting. 
I've also bought far more fabric than I should have this month.  Starting with this gorgeous collection called Asbury. 

One day this will make a stunning quilt, but for now I've made some bunting to put on my display at The Harbour Gallery. 
And while I was at Liberty in London I bought these wonderfully retro fabrics.  I can't tell you how much I am in love with them, especially the button prints.  For me, purchasing fabric in person rather than the internet is just such a treat (there's not a decent fabric shop here in Jersey). I loved being able to audition fabrics in person, rather than having to flick between internet pages, use my imagination and hope for the best!
And most recently I have fallen in love with these fabrics by Carina Gardiner. 
The plan is to use these to make a divided basket, following a Noodlehead pattern. Ideally, in time for the Fat Quarterly Retreat.  But I am working on a couple of commissions at the moment, along with my New York quilt (which is for me) so I am just hoping I will have time.  July's ages away right??!
Finally, I will leave you of a picture of Jersey.  On the Bank Holiday we discovered a gorgeous new viewpoint, that we hadn't come across before.  We had a lovely picnic and the sky was clear blue, as you can see.  I didn't even have to edit this photo, these are the true colours.  If you ever come to Jersey you must go there! 
Thank you so much for stopping by.  Please do come back on Monday, I'm having a giveaway!
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  1. That middle Carina Gardiner fabric looks very like something Sweetwater might design. Six weeks to go. :)

  2. Jersey looks gorgeous :D Love the NY quilt, and the buttons!

  3. Fun projects and I love the new additions to your stash especially the ones by Carina Gardiner.

  4. Lovely work - keep it up! I adore pretend shopping at - especially the "murder mystery" vintage look...

  5. Love the fabrics! Such a great selection!

  6. You do live in a beautiful part of the world. Looks like you had a great month and with all your lovely fabrics, June should be great too :)

  7. Oh such lovely photos! Your projects look great, gorgeous fabrics and the inviting blue sea!! Seems that all is well in your world :-)


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