Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fabulous Fabrics

I've just embarked on a new project.  I'll share details and more photos soon, and what I will say it involves hexagons...but not as I know them, no EPP for me today.  I'm going to try a little something new...
But here are the  gorgeous fabrics I'm using that have been sitting in my stash for several months, just waiting for the right project to come along.  And now it has!
Aren't they beautiful.  It's the Gypsy Girl collection by Lily Ashbury. 

And they were so exquisitely folded by my favourite online fabric shop Eclectic Maker.  I could hardly bare to open them out and iron them, let alone cut into them!  (How do they do that?!)
This isn't the first time I've used fabrics by Lily Ashbury.  In case you haven't seen it before, here's my 'Vintage India' quilt that I made last year using the equally fabulous Trade Winds Collection.

I hand quilted it and everything.

But anyway, that's enough of looking back, here's to new projects and looking forward :-)
Oh and don't forget the GIVEAWAY, which you can enter here.  All this for one lucky winner - good luck!
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  1. Beautiful fabrics! Enjoy your new project.

  2. Hope you get brave enough to cut into those beauties! Whatever you make of them will be stunning in those colors I imagine:)

  3. Oh my! What yummy fabrics! Perfect for anything you want to make with them!

  4. Your new project sounds lovely! I always regret not having any Trade Winds whenever I see the amazing quilts made with it :)

  5. Love those fabrics! I've not seen them before

    Are they for the project I think they may be for or is it something else?!

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  7. The fabrics coming from Moda may be the newest Lily Ashbury. :)

  8. The hand quilting is gorgeous! Beautiful job!

  9. Gorgeous fabric and fabulous quilt - the hand quilting is so neat.

  10. Oh I love the Gypsy Girl fabric. Oddly enough I looked at them and instantly knew where they had come from. I too have fabric from Eclectic Maker have I can't bare to open it up from it's pretty folding. I have no idea how they do it but I could do with learning because then my stash would look much neater!


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