Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Strip Bees

It's been non stop around here these last few days.  And what do you do when you are flat out?  Sign up to a bee of course!  Well that's what I have done, because it sounded like so much fun and I just couldn't resist!
So thank you so much Maria for inviting me to join your wonderful bee...

There are 6 lovely members, who I am so looking forward to getting to know much more.  Do take a look!  

The idea is that we each make a strip, 40" x 8" and then pass it on to the next person.  A Round Robin if you will.  So the fab thing about it is, we each get to contribute to one another's quilt, and we all have a finished quilt top at the end of it too!  I just loved the concept, it really is going to be the ultimate friendship quilt.   
Anyway, in case you missed my post the other day, here's the fabrics I decided to use for my first strip. 
It's the Gypsy Girl Collection by Lily Ashbury.  I love them so much it was hard to cut into them! 
It look me a while to come up with a design that wasn't going to take me too many hours, but at the same time was going to be pretty and show of the gorgeous fabrics. 
In the end I decided to have a go at some Octagons. (not Hexagons, as I may have mentioned in a previous post.  Doh, can't count!) This is what I came up with. 


I just love the colours in this bird fabric.  Luckily bought extra of this one :-)

And aren't these deer adorable. 

So that's my first strip done!  I am so excited (and nervous) to send it off to Julie, who will be adding to it in round two.  And I am equally excited (and equally nervous) about receiving and adding to Amy's strip, which from what I have seen so far is amazing!!

This is my first ever bee, and it's so much fun.  I look forward to sharing sneak peeks of the rest of my strips with you.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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  1. Great to see what you've been up to! I love that fabric and the design is a great idea, not seen it before.

    Just realised that I didn't list the other bee members in my post...will update it now and mention in my next post. Can you tell I don't know what I'm doing!

  2. very nice! I love the fabrics you are using.

  3. What a fun idea! Love, love, love your first strip. The colours are gorgeous! :)

  4. I love Gypsy Girl by Moda!

  5. The deer are awesome sauce! Beautiful Progress!

  6. Gorgeous I love your strip.
    So glad you could join us in the bee.
    I'm sorry to say I haven't started my strip yet, I just don't seem to have had time for sewing over the last few weeks but that's about to change!

  7. A beautiful first strip! After seeing the Kaffe Fasset exhibition, I thought about doing snowballs too, they look amazing. Think I'm sticking with stars though...

  8. its beautiful! Those colors are really lovely!

    I am stopping by from the WIP post, hop by if you get a chance!

  9. Sarah! I love it! I have some fabric that I have been saving because I couldn't come up with a pattern that I thought would show off the fabrics, but this would probaly be great. Have fun in the bee. Sounds like alot of fun.xo jan

  10. Ooh! Very nice indeed. I keep changing my mind on what I'm doing. Must start this weekend though - can't keep procrastinating for ever!

  11. I've never done a bee either,but this one looks fun and uncomplicated, one I could cope with! The fabrics are amazing and your strip looks great. It will be very pretty when finished.

  12. Your strip looks yummy, Sarah. And I'm sure the bee will be a lot of fun. Jennifer of Glinda Quilts is a great gal. I am looking forward to putting in a visit to all the others!

    Lorna of

  13. What a great start, Sarah. Love your fabric choices - I'm loads behind but will make a start ... soon :)

  14. 'Snowballs' always make for a fun quilt! Love the colors.

  15. Loved seeing them for 'real' earlier and now catching up on your blog posts and your new blog look! ;)

  16. That sounds like so much fun!! That deer block is SO adorable!

  17. I love the look of your website--so glad I found you through the blog hop! Your work is lovely--congrats on finding a way to do it professionally!


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