Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hearts, Cupcakes and a Lots of Pink

It's been a busy week of bunting, mostly of the pink variety. 

First up, I had an order for some pink on pink bunting, for a newborn baby girl.  So I raided my stash and put my precious pink pearl bracelets to good use, and came up with this. 

Next, someone wanted some Cherry Cupcake bunting but without the letters, as it's for her housemate rather than a child.  My first thought was to add a few more hearts, and then I thought, why not add some cupcakes :-)  So that's exactly what I did.  I found a template, cut out the pieces, and appliqued them on in the normal way.


It was really fun doing something different, I just hope she likes it! 
I've been busy this week adding more albums to my facebook page.  Including my photo quilt, which I am going to blog about in more detail very soon :-)
More bunting making is on the cards for the next few days.  And I need to purchase yet more fabric, this time for my Bee Strip, as it seems I have every colour in the rainbow in my stash apart from one colour, which I won't mention so as not to spoil it for my other bee members who may be reading this.
I hope you are having a productive week,
Back soon,
Sarah x
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  1. Love the cupcake appliqué, v cute!

  2. The pink on pink is really cute! love the cupcake.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  3. Lovely bunting, have fun with the bee strip!

  4. Cute buntings! Love those cupcakes.

  5. These are really pretty! I love the green and pink together. delightful.

  6. These are really pretty! I love the green and pink together. delightful.

  7. Lovely bunting, the applique looks really neat..very pretty :)

  8. Oh I love the cupcake one!! So adorable!! And your applique is perfect!!!


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