Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

Looking back, I've done a lot more than I thought I had.  Brilliant!

I made a quilt that I actually didn't get chance to blog about, but hey ho, I'll share it in my collage instead :-)  Can you see it, it's using my precious low volume fabrics, which is a bit of a departure from my normal colours. 

Also in my collage is a small part of my strip bee strip, (the heart) and my latest creation, the POW! Superhero cushion.  I just had to include the buttons too, as I love them so much.  I'm even thinking of having a side line in making/selling buttons.  What do you think?!  Even the most non-crafty of people can sew on a button! 

Along with these makes, I also managed to pull off a Fireman Sam birthday cake for my son  who turned two this month...

And somehow managed to arrange a birthday party for about 15 children.  So looking back at my collage, it may not seem a lot but trust me, the party took up most of my time!

My proudest moment so far has to be when I received this photo.  It's a picture of the photo quilt I made last year.  In this picture you can see it hanging up at camp in Afghanistan.  I knew that was its destination but seeing a photo of it really brought it home to me that these guys are out there without their families, a long way from home, and over Christmas too.  I can only hope that my quilt brings some comfort as they spend so many months apart.

So that's my January round-up.  I have lots of things in the pipeline for February, and I'd love to jump on the Economy Quilt Along band wagon at some stage.  I've promised myself I'll make my son a quilt for his birthday - oops did that happen already?  Okay so it will be a few weeks  months late, but better late than never!

Sarah x

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  1. lovely heart and I like your low volume quilt

  2. Sarah, seeing your photo quilt hanging up there brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud you made that for them and I am sure it brings so much comfort! I remember when you made it and seeing it there really is touching!
    xo jan

  3. Your little guy won't remember that the quilt didn't arrive exactly on his birthday!
    I can just imagine how important that photo quilt is to the soldier who received it. Very special indeed.
    Carole, from Fresh off the Frame

  4. Love the low volume! and we've both been making heart blocks for the Strip Bee! But the photo of the quilt hanging up in Afghanistan tops it all! You must be so proud of what you achieved!

  5. I agree with others about the Afganistan quilt, it's fabulous.
    I think buttons would be a great idea to make.
    I also included some hearts in my last strip! I love the peak of yours, just trying to work out if they're part of my strip!!.........

  6. So happy I found your lovely blog (Lily's Quilts)... Following you for future inspiration! :D

  7. A good month; so great to see the photo quilt 'in place' xxx

  8. Happy birthday to William! Lovely to see the quilt in place too, I'm sure it brings real comfort (and it makes a refreshing change not to have Nuts magazine pics on the walls!)

  9. Love that low volume quilt the colours are super pretty. Hope your son had a fab birthday, that cake looks fantastic!!

  10. I LOVE the low volume! It's so lovely! And that POW pillow - OMG...LOVE it and the buttons are so perfect. And how awesome is that to see your quilt in Afganistan?? That is beyond cool - you should be SO proud of that! :) Great job!!

  11. Hi Sarah, I'm returning the visit and am so glad I did! I added myself as a GFC follower!! Nice to meet ya!! :val from (Val's Quilting Studio)

  12. beautiful low volume quilt!
    Great cake and party photo, they definitely take a lot of organising!
    I love your cushion, I've just finished one with the hero words fabric as the backing and think those button are a brilliant idea!

  13. I love the low volume quilt - the aqua colour is gorgeous. Amazing that your quilt is out there in Afghanistan - hopefully bringing a little joy.


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