Thursday, 30 January 2014

Superhero Cushion

Do you remember a few months back I fell in love with and bought some gorgeous Superhero fabric?

Well as luck and coincidence would have it...guess what topic my (nearly 5 year old) daughter is going to be focusing on after half term...yes, Superheros!

So what better excuse than to experiment with some appliqué and make a cushion for the Reception Classroom.  Here's what I came up with.

I opted for an envelope back...

As it was the perfect opportunity to include my handmade superhero buttons, that I'm totally in love with. How lucky was it that the writing was small enough to fit! 

I also had the opportunity to use the buttonhole foot on my Bernina for the first time to make 3 button holes.

On the front, I decided to appliqué the 'POW' text over the quilting, (which you can see very faintly in the picture, it's 1" apart, vertical quilting) as I wanted to make it stand out, rather than be underneath the quilting. I think this actually worked quite well.  

Given that this cushion is going to be sat on and squashed by 30 five year olds, I used a tight zig-zag almost satin stitch for the appliqué to make it more durable.  It's as fray-proof as possible!

I really enjoyed adding the bright red binding to compliment the text and frame the cushion.  

I don't think I'll ever tire of this fabric, it's such fun, and my mind is busy thinking of  other coordinating cushions...oh the possibilities are endless :-)

I hope my daughter and the other children enjoy their Superhero topic next term and that my cushion sparks their imaginations.  What fun they are going to have!

Sarah x

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  1. Brilliant - this might be the best fabric ever!

  2. What a great use for this fabric! I'm sure the children will enjoy it :)

  3. love this pillow! It is so adorable, and those buttons are such a fantastic touch.

    Thanks so much for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday and welcome to the party!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. Sarah!
    That is just adorable! The buttons and the red binding are perfect touches! Just too cute!
    xo jan

  5. Wow! This is fabulous! The POW really pops. I love the red everywhere as well. It's perfect. And, of course, super cute buttons seal the deal :-)
    E xx

  6. Great cushion! I had fun making a Super Rosie cloak a few years' ago... Had to make two, as her best friend is also called Rosie!...

  7. What a great cushion, I hope the teacher appreciates it as well as the children! And I think the buttons are my favourite bit, they're brilliant. Thanks for coming and having a look at my quilt earlier.

  8. Fab all round! Love the buttons especially

  9. My 6 yr old just squealed when she saw this cushion! How lovely, and the buttons top it all off. Top notch! :D

  10. Is this fabric still available? Where did you find it??

  11. Is this fabric still available? Where did you find it??

  12. Yes can you tell us more about the fabric.

  13. Yes can you tell us more about the fabric.

  14. I have some of this fabric and need more, can you give me name of manufacturer off of selvage? I am in Canada. thanks


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