Sunday, 19 January 2014

Identity Crisis

Don't worry, this isn't a deep and meaningful post about wondering who I am ;-)

But I have had a bit of an email identity crisis that I didn't even know about and it's only today I've figured out what's going on.

Long story short, when people posted comments on my blog I would get an email, which was great as I could reply and chat, but when I commented on other people's blogs, I never got a reply.  And yes I had checked several times that I was not a 'no reply blogger!' 

Well it turns out that all the comments were going to my gmail account, which is separate to my other 3 email accounts, which I manage through Outlook.  I didn't even know how to access my gmail, I just set it up as part of my blog.  But now I've now realised what's happened, so I have about a million lovely comments from people that I had never read until today!!!! 

So I'm writing this post to say, if you ever messaged me following a comment I left on your blog, then I wasn't ignoring you I promise!  Lovely Mr Candy has now created me another inbox in my Outlook to manage my gmail that way. 

Phew.  Glad that's sorted, here's to improved communication in 2014!

Back soon with some more quilting, I'm quite excited about sharing this next project as it's something a bit different for me and I've designed it myself. 

Sarah x


  1. What a windfall! Looking forward to seeing your project in the works!

  2. Modern technology, eh? Quilting is so much simpler!

  3. This blog stuff is far too complicated! I haven't worked out how to reply to comments through email, so I reply on the blog. I know there is a way to do it, but I don't know how :-( I am sure that lots of people think I don't reply to them , but I am!! I just do it on the post itself.
    E xx

  4. Wow! How many email accounts have you got?! It's just the kind of thing I would least you know now :)


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