Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Fabric Tuesday

I've been away from my blog for over a week, busy quilting a quilt for somebody else, as well as making a baby quilt.  Pictures coming soon!

So for now I just want to share my latest fabric haul.  I was fabric browsing on the internet ( I know, always dangerous) and I found a collection of fabrics that screamed BUY ME NOW!  So who was I to say no.  Within 24 hours they had landed on my doorstep and here they are in all their beauty.

The collection is by Macrina Busto called Handmade in Aqua and I simply couldn't get enough of it.  

I don't have any specific plans for it yet, I think I'll just look at it and stroke it for a while ;-))  

Sarah x

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  1. I haven't seen that range before. Beautiful.

  2. Nice looking fabric! I've just been catching up with your blog - you were really busy last year, weren't you? Well done on all the lovely makes!

  3. Oooh yummy fabric. I will support all the fabric "browsing" you want to do. I promise I'm not enabling!!
    E xx

  4. That handmade one is SO adorable!!! I haven't seen that anywhere. I would just pet it for a while too. ;)

  5. Fabby fabrics - I'd be stroking them too! What WILL you make out of them?

  6. Lovely fabric! By the way I have been sending you emails and getting no reply - are you getting them Sarah? I am keen to get a hotel room booked for July!


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