Tuesday, 4 March 2014

FMQ With Philippa Naylor

This weekend was a wonderful one.  Two glorious days of quilting.  And not just any old quilting.  Oh no.  Free Motion Quilting.  With no less than top UK quilter Philippa Naylor. And it was brilliant!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who naturally goes into panic mode at the thought of FMQ.  So being in a class taught by Phillippa was just what I needed to give me the confidence to give it a go. 

Along with FMQ basics, we learnt a new method of Trupunto, using dissolvable thread, and a very effective method of corded quilting, which works brilliantly to add definition and texture to a quilt.  My sample isn't quite complete yet, it needs a little more work, so for now I'll share with you the quilt that Philippa brought with her...it's stunning!

Philippa taught us so much about FMQ.  But my skills are not yet at a level where I want to share them with you!  Although I have been practising for several hours since the class, and I'm pleased to say, there is some improvement already.  I am determined to persevere and keep getting better and better.

Please do take a look at Philippa's website, and learn a little more about her and her work.  She is a true talent.  It was such a pleasure to meet her and her quilts are an inspiration.

Sarah x

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  1. Keep going - they say practice is the key to FMQ :)

  2. Sounds like a really cool class!

  3. Yes, I think I agree with you about not wanting to share what we produced ;-)

  4. Yes her work is truly amazing, and I'm so envious that you were able to attend one of her classes. So wish I could've been there. I'm sure you're own FMQ will be just as brilliant in time to come. They say practice makes perfect.


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