Monday, 17 March 2014

Jersey Textile Showcase - A roundup

2 weeks ago saw the start of a much anticipated event, the Jersey Textile Showcase.  Arranged by the Harbour Gallery, top textile artists from all over the UK flocked to Jersey to come and teach a series of full or half day workshops.  My goodness I was excited!

I had 2 full days booked with Kim Thittichai, who specialises in 'hot textiles'.  (Check out her blog and her time in Jersey here)  Well I couldn't believe it, disaster struck and I came down with a terrible virus the day before my classes.  I'm talking not being able to leave the house type illness.  To say I was gutted was an understatement.  But such is life, and I was lucky enough to meet Kim on the Friday at the Showcase Gala dinner.  What a wonderful, colourful lady she is.  I mean that metaphorically and literally - even her hair matched her turquoise top!!  

On the Saturday I attended an afternoon workshop with Ineke Berlyn, working with Lutrador.  It was so much fun, and I was thrilled with the little picture that I made.

I simply adore all of Ineke's work, and I can't wait to experiment more with this style of working.  Lutrador is such a wonderful, versatile product, I really want to spend more time exploring the possibilities.  Here's Ineke herself with a simply gorgeous sample that she made.  

My final workshop with local Textile Artist Christine Witham experimenting with making decorative flowers.  I decided to make a Sunflower...and it worked a treat because the very next day the sun came out so that I could get a decent photograph.

I'm so sad the showcase has ended.  It's been such a wonderful event, and I've learnt so much in just a few short hours and it's left me wanting more.  Not to mention meeting some wonderful, talented and lovely people.  And all on my doorstep too :-))

Sarah x

PS Are you a textile artist/quilter who wants to come to Jersey to teach?  Do drop me a line and I'll see if I can make it happen!  


  1. Lucky you ! I did workshops with both Kim and Ineke in my pre "only natural fabrics" phase. They are all very talented ladies. I know you will have had a lot of textile art fun :-)


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