Wednesday, 14 January 2015

'Dusty' inspired Planes Cushion

When you look at my 'Dusty' cushion, you will either instantly 'get' what it's all about, or, you'll have absolutely no idea.  

So for those who don't know, Dusty is the main character from Disney's Planes, and is loved and adored world over by anyone 6 and under. (Ok,and adults too!) My children are crazy about him. 

So with my son's pending 3rd birthday coming up, I knew I wanted to make him something 'Planes' inspired.  And when I opened up the 'Planes' CD so that we could listen to the soundtrack in the car, there was my inspiration right there.  

The image on the front is of the Jolly Wrenches Insignia, which Dusty has branded onto his side, during the first film.  I made myself a template and appliqued it on using a zig zag stich, onto a lightly quilted background.  I can't remember if it's Kona Coal or Charcoal, but it's a lovely shade of grey.  And isn't that just the perfect shade of Aurifil thread! 

For the back I used my friend Chris' Hidden Zipper Tutorial and as you can see it worked a treat. 

It's the first time I've put a zip in a cushion and it was no trouble. I think the style is better suited to this cushion than my usual hand made buttons.  More streamlined I think!  

As well as William's name, I also appliquéd the shape of the Planes motif at the bottom as a final but subtle nod to the film. 

I'm so pleased with this cushion, as it's themed but not in a really obvious way.  My son may have had a glimpse of it already, but he will have to wait until the big day till it's his ;-)

Sarah x


  1. Thats fabulous! William will just love it. Great idea with the zipper - you wouldn't even know it was there. Very clever.

  2. That's awesome....that would be great for any wrench welding handyman...or kid!:)

  3. Gorgeous work, as always. So thrilled you were able to use the tute, I've given you a shout out on my fb page and included pics with the tute too x

  4. No, completely over my head, but Matthew is now 19!! But it is lovely.


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