Monday, 25 March 2013

Lucie Summers Workshops

My weekends normally consist of children's parties, trips to the park/zoo/beach/cafe and having to endure CBeeBies on a Saturday morning, while attempting to relax and have a lazy morning. 
So when I heard that Lucie Summers, fabric designer for Moda, was coming to Jersey to teach 2 days of weekend workshops, I was first to get my name on the list as you can imagine.  In case you've not come across her fabrics, here are a few. Aren't they gorgeous.
And here is Lucie!

And oh my, what a wonderful weekend I had.  On the Saturday we learnt about screen printing, and geneally spent the day getting covered in paint and making our own lovely fabrics.  First with our own designs and screens that we made, and then with some of Lucies. 
Unfortunately I didn't get to take any more photos during the screen printing process, as I was far to busy having lots of fun, not to mention getting paint everywhere.  And an Iphone and paint are probably not a good combination. 
But I did manage to get a few shots of Lucie's gorgeous quilts, that she has made and her mum has skillfully quilted.  

Lucie, her mum and their Porthole Quilt
These quilts use the 'Portholes' technique, which is what we learnt on the Sunday.  
So on Sunday Morning, I took my new Bernina, mountains of fabric, and every quilting supply you could possibly imagine, and spent the day, well...chatting.  Most people made about 4 blocks, and I made, er...2.

But I learnt a new skill (which is just genius by the way) and had just the best time.  I hardly remembered to stop for lunch, so that must be the sign of a good workshop. 

And Lucie herself was fantastic.  She put everyone at ease, we were all really relaxed, and it was wonderful to see so many portholes in so many different styles and fabrics by the end of the day.
So if you ever get a chance to take a class with Lucie, all I can say is do it!  She's so talented, and so is her wonderful mum, who was on standby to help out, advise and yes, chat!  No wonder I didn't get much done, I was too busy standing around!  But who cares.   I had a fabulous weekend and didn't want it to end. 
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  1. Oh I am sooo jealous! I am sure you had sew much fun and I love her fabrics too!

  2. I did the porthole class with Lucie at the retreat last summer and she was brilliant. So funny and a great teacher. Glad you enjoyed her classes.

  3. Wonderful fabrics.....I also love the screen printing. I have always wanted to try fabric printing....your post makes me want to do so even more. In June I plan on taking lotta jansdotter class.

  4. What fun! I would love to do this kind of thing!

  5. Lucky, lucky you! How wonderful to take a class with Lucie and how fun to learn new techniques!

  6. It sounds like you had a great time. Lucie lives in the same county as me so maybe I'll get the chance to do one of her workshops one day.

  7. So jealous - I was due to do Lucie's class at the FQ Retreat last year but couldn't go as I was sick :( I really really want to learn how to screenprint!!

  8. Looks like a really great class - screen printing and a new block construction. When I was a kid, the city I grew up in had a huge art festival every year, and every year you could bring a blank shirt and they would screen print the festivals logo design on your shirt for you. I thought screen printing was the neatest thing back then and still do today!

  9. I wish I could have been there too :)

  10. So much fun! Love Lucies style. I would have been first on the list too.


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