Monday, 4 March 2013

Spring Again

I thought that Spring had arrived a few weeks ago. 
But then it snowed.  Does that mean it was winter again??!
But thankfully  normal service has resumed and there are blue skies aplenty, it's warming up and the daffodils are starting to bloom. 

The tractors are racing down our road, in anticipation of harvesting the fields.

And I was finally able to get outside and take a half decent photo of this... the central panel of my latest quilt using the Out at Sea collection by Sarah Jane. 

I just love this fabric and those cheeky little pirates;

I designed an anchor and used the raw edge applique method, placing it over 2 inch squares.

So I have decided to call it Anchors Away.  For obvious reasons!

I hope that the sun is shining and that you are having a lovely day too. 

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Sarah x


  1. Lovely block. Not seen any daffodils yet but did see some new born lambs today. Almost went off the road in the car I was so excited. Will I ever grow up?

  2. Cute block. Still no sign of Spring here, its a bit depressing, but they are forecasting warmer weather this weekend!

  3. Fabulous anchor. This will be an adorable quilt!

  4. That looks so cute! Love the name and the fabric.

  5. I love the idea of a pirate called Don Juan.

  6. Daffodils ar emy favourite flower! The block is lovely and a great name for your quilt :)

  7. p.s have you seen Tula Pink's Anchors Away? It's amazing!

  8. Its very Springish today.
    Gorgeous anchor quilt. Glad you could get some great pics.

  9. Love the quilt you are making!!


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