Monday, 8 April 2013

Crafty Magazine - Issue 1

If you’re reading this blog then you are more than likely to be a quilter like me, but the chances are you have dipped your creative toe into other pastimes as well, somewhere along the line.  I for one have stitched many a cross stich, sewn aprons, designed cards, made scrapbooks, you name it.  So imagine my delight when I was asked to review issue 1 of the latest magazine to hit the shelves, Crafty.

Crafty stands out from the rest quite literally – it has done away with the glossy cover, opting instead for a matt finish, and it immediately makes the statement ‘I am different’ and ‘Pick me’ from the shelves.  Well I am glad I did.  The style of the magazine is simple, unfussy and packed full of projects that even a beginner could have a stab at.  The free gift of a piece of Calico may seem uninspiring, until you turn to p.8-11 where there is a host of different ideas for its use.  Personally, I can’t wait to make my own buttons to jazz up an otherwise very ordinary denim jacket.  
And embroidering a little message and framing it in an embroidery hoop is a simple yet novel idea that is sure to capture the imagination of even the newest of sewers. 

There is very much a vintage/retro theme to Crafty with a big emphasis on upcycling and customising items that you may have already.  Their motto says it all; ‘Why buy when you can DIY’. Customising your own Converse trainers is just so cool!
And I especially love the chairs covered with vintage tea towels on p.42-45. 
As a quilter I am particularly drawn to the gorgeous tote bag tutorial that features on p.53; the fabrics are beautiful and the tote is oh-so practical. 
One craft I’ve never tried is crochet, but the upcycled owls on p.60-63 are cute enough to make me think I’d like to give it try.      

And Crafty doesn’t shy away from issues that other glossy craft magazines may prefer to ignore.  There’s an interesting and informative piece about a company called ‘Graffiti Life’ who have turned Graffiti into a positive art form and work on commissions ranging from Nike, Microsoft and the Metropolian Police. 
And an interview with stitcher and author Jodie Rackley tackles the sensitive issue of copyright theft and how to protect your designs.
For those of us looking to make a living from our love of craft, there’s a very informative interview with the author of MaterialWorld: The Modern Craft Bible, Perri Lewis.       
And to prove that crafts aren’t just for girls, manbroiderer Mr X Stitch has a monthly column providing a much needed male perspective and the low down on all things Cross Stitchy.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Crafty magazine.  I felt that it was written with me in mind.  That is to say, a young, modern crafter, looking for a fresh approach to what can sometimes be thought of as an older generation’s game.  Well it’s official.  Craft is cool.  And Crafty proves it. 
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  1. Love your review, makes me want to read it, I'm guessing it's UK only? :(

  2. Interesting, sounds a bit like Mollie Makes but with more crafty stuff.

  3. Oh I saw that magazine and flicked through but did not buy it! Thanks for reviewing it and sharing on let's get acquainted!

  4. Oh it looks good!! Thanks for the review Sarah - I shall keep an eye out next time I'm 'home' :)


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