Monday, 22 April 2013

Im in!

...The Harbour Gallery that is.  And I'm so excited.  If you missed my previous post, then the long and the short of it is a display of my quilts have gone on sale at a beautiful little gallery called The Harbour Gallery in St Aubin, Jersey, and it's the most beautiful place.  Here is the view just outside it.

And up on the first floor in the textiles area is me! 

I am surrounded by a wealth of talent.  Just to the right in the above picture is a little workroom of a lady called Helene and the Elf, her knitting is just amazing.  And my neighbours opposite me are the beautiful Jersey Oak, who produce wonderful bespoke solid oak furniture.  

And my neighbours to my left are the stunning Loving Chair Company.  As you can see all their chairs are individual, unique and fabulous. 

My display is also just a stones throw away from the recently refurbished Cameo Café.  I shall certainly be stopping for a cup of tea next time I visit!
Downstairs is equally beautiful and a wealth of talent.  Here is Gallery 1.

And look at all these wonderful art supplies.

It really is a little gem of a place and I am so proud to be a very small part of it.  Do take a look at The Harbour Gallery Facebook page, and if you are local or in the area, check to see what workshops are running that week.  They do all kinds; sewing, felting, knitting, crewelwork, you name it. 
As well as moving in to the Gallery this weekend, I have also had several midnight sewing sessions.  I've been working on my Anchors Away Quilt that previously looked like this. 

I decided to add some flying geese, and I used this fantastic tutorial that my blogging friend Susan shared a few months ago.  (It was one of those moments where I'd been musing over making some geese, then all of a sudden there was the tutorial, waiting for me to use!  It really is brilliant; 4 flying geese in 1 go, and no wastage.  Genius. )
Anyway, here they are, all 34 of them!

And here's the quilt top so far.  Can you believe I've run out of white, I was about 2 inches short.  Damn!
More borders to be added!
And look at this map for the back, it's going to be must as much fun as the front. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this mammoth of a post.  I hope you are having a good week. 

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  1. Congrats on your space. I have rarely seen a nautical themed quilt that I just love, I can appreciate them for the quality and work, but the theme just isn't "me." BUT I do love yours. The colors are so right, the flying geese really complete the whole thing, and the backing is perfect.

  2. Oh, how I would love to visit this charming shop!! Anchors Away is coming along beautifully!

  3. The gallery looks lovely. I wish I could visit. Love the quilt.

  4. What a brilliant space to be able to be part of. I wish you all the success possible there.

  5. I love the space, looks very inspiring - and the anchor quilt how the colors :-)

  6. How cute is that? I love your crafty neighbours and the arty ones downstairs ;)

  7. Ooh how exciting! Congratulations on the gallery!

    I love the anchor block - fantastic!

  8. How fun to be in a gallery! The anchor looks great. Visiting from Let's Get Acquainted. Have a great day.

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog. Congratulations on being in the gallery! I love your anchor quilt, the fabric you've used for the anchor reminds me of dresses my mum made for me and my sister when we were little! adorable!


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