Saturday, 5 October 2013

Computer Says No

Last week the laptop died. Talk about unmitigated disaster. And the annoying thing is I have so many things to blog about. Christmas bunting, my dear friend Julie's trip to Jersey, a special gift, just to name a few things!

Thankfully my husband works in IT and should be rebuilding it as soon as a new hard drive arrives. I hope it hurries up, as where's the fun in a post without pictures? And typing on an iPad is hard work! 

Back as soon as possible, 

Sarah x 


  1. I feel your pain - been there done that; hurry up Mr Candy xxx

  2. I only blog through my iPad these days - photos aren't as good, I think but it works for me. Hope the laptop is back in action for you soon :)

  3. Oh dear! I know how you feel. At least you have the iPad for back up!

  4. Good job you've got Mr Candy to fix your poor dead laptop.

  5. Oh no Sarah! I feel your pain. Mine is a horrible computer and the screen is still not fixed. I have now had to remove the surround and stuff a tissue down it to stop it from blacking out! My boyfriend's boss is IT technician and he can't fix it :( I hope you get yours sorted soon. I'm sure your Liberty watch is making you happy though. I had a look at them, they're lovely but how do you tie them?


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