Friday, 11 October 2013

When Julie Came to Jersey

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my wonderful online friend Julie was coming from Australia to meet me here in Jersey (via a week and a half trip to England). Well she came!!
It was to be our very first meeting in person, following two and a half years of friendship though our blogs, facebook and email. And I can honestly say Julie was even more wonderful in real life, I just love her!

It's a weird feeling meeting someone for the first time, and yet knowing so much about them and feeling like you know them.  But we very quickly overcame our nerves, and I think we chatted non stop for 4 days.  Poor Ian, Julie's husband, he was probably glad to get on a plane back to Oz just to get a moments peace!
And oh what fun we had.  I have very few pictures because I did too much talking.  We did lots of sight seeing, (for my Jersey friends, we covered most of the West of the Island) and lots of our time revolved around food - just look at our delicious lunch :-)

And that evening, after home made cakes made by my daughter that afternoon (damn, I forgot to take a picture) it was all round to ours for cheese and wine.  Yum!

The next day, after more chatting, relaxing and lunch, we headed into town for a lovely meal.  Oh and here you can see Mr Candy, aka Pete,  my lovely husband.  He's usually a bit shy and doesn't feature  often!

To accompany our delicious meal, Ian insisted I have some of this...

Which was delicious and warming, as you can imagine ;-)

If you were wondering whether any quilting was going to feature in this blog post, then hopefully I won't disappoint.  Here is a little mini that I made for Julie, who, back in Oz has just finished building a brand new home. 

(I had planned a separate blog post about my quilted house, but I was still stitching the last stitches just hours before Julie's arrival, so I ran out of time).
Julie treated me to some wonderful gifts too.  A gorgeous silver bracelet, that I will treasure forever, and no less than 3 Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazines.  I'm still enjoying reading them now, and I shall tell you more about them soon.  I would be interested to hear your thoughts on  different P and Q magazines and how they compare to the UK ones too.   
So now Julie and Ian are back in Oz and I am so thrilled and delighted that we got to meet after all this time.  I know that thanks to the internet, we wll be friends forever.

Sarah x
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  1. How lovely to finally meet an online friend in person :). I have a few that I would love to meet one day too i.e. when I can travel from Australia to US :).

    I love your quilted house mini quilt :). Is this your pattern?

    Jenn from Mellycoddle :).

  2. What fun! They look adorable, so glad you enjoyed each other's company ... I do enjoy a drop of Glayva too! Maybe the Strip Bee ladies could meet up one day! That would be a blast :)

  3. Oh my goodness what a cute mini!

  4. I had a wonderful time, so amazing to meet you and your beautiful family, how lucky I am to have met you and become friends. And for anyone else reading this blog the mini quilt of our new home is just simply beautiful - perfectly made, and will be treasured forever. I hope many more of you get to meet your online friends and be as lucky as me.

  5. I find the colours in the Australia magazines are different to UK mags.

  6. What a fun time you had. The best sort of sightseeing revolves around food in my opinion!
    I love the mini quilt :-)

  7. How wonderful! Is it just me, or is Glinda (Jen) offering to coordinate a gathering of the strip bee gang?!?

  8. Thrilled for you both, looks like you had lots of fun. Isn't it just great to be making friends all over the world via this crazy quilting craft?! :D

  9. It's great finding out our 'friends' aren't really figments of our imaginations!

  10. Sounds like you had wonderful time. Isn't it special to have friends like that?! Juliex

  11. Sounds like you all had fun! How lovely to see a picture of Mr Candy as well

  12. this is amazing! how wonderful for you guys to spend time together- and that bird print in the mini! so sweet!


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