Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Bit more Bunting

The weekend has been a characteristically busy one but fortunately there has been just a little bit of time for sewing.  

I purchased this gorgeous Urban Zoology dinosaur print a while back and I knew it would make gorgeous bunting. (And a quilt too, but that's one for another day.) 

Anyway, I finally got around to making it, and here it is.

Urban dinosaur bunting by

Zane is indeed the lucky recipient of this particular set of bunting, having celebrated his 3rd birthday with a party this very afternoon. But I shall be making it available on my website here.

I am about to order the backing for my French General Quilt, having finished the top well over a week ago.

I am going to go with the gorgeous red alphabet print for the back, and also have the same for the binding to really frame the quilt nicely.  

So while I am waiting for the fabric to arrive I am going to put pen to paper and hopefully fabric to machine, as I work on a new quilt that I have been pondering for months...can't wait to share progess on this one soon!  

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  1. I really like that bunting! such fun boy colors!!!

  2. I love name buntings. I made one for my son too!

  3. Zane is one lucky 3 year old. Very cute. Stopping by from Plum and June.

  4. And there was I thinking that bunting was for the One Direction singer ;-)

  5. More cuteness and I've been looking at all the turns on your zigzagging - they're all so clean and precise, any tips welcome! Hope everyone's feeling much better now :)


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