Friday, 22 February 2013

A Terrible Week and A lovely day

It's not been the best of weeks.  My daughter has been off pre-school sick for 3 out of the 5 days so all activities and socialising of any kind has gone on hold.  For me that's tough!  (I would just like to point out that she is much better now).
So yesterday, in a bid to banish cabin fever and enjoy the continuing blue skies, I went for a little drive, and with the children asleep in the back, I stopped along the way to take a few photos. 
Thank fully the week has ended well.  More than well in fact because for the first time ever, I have met one of my blogging friends in *real life.* Sue of Just Sew Sue happens to live a mere 15 mins away, and having met through our respective blogs, we thought it high time we met in person. 
Well I am so glad we did.  We had such a lovely time chatting about quilting and fabrics, and blogs and designers and shops...the time just flew by.  I was lucky enough to see Sue's long arm quilting machine, as well as lots of examples of her beautiful work.  Damn I should have taken pictures!  Do hop over to her blog and take a look. 
So now that my mental well being has been restored, I feel better equiped to face the day tomorrow with the children while my husband has to go into work. 
Oh and I finally managed to print out some labels, and they aligned themselves correctly first time - it really was a better day!
Sarah x
PS I did actually have a little sewing finish as well.  But I shall share that over the weekend, once I've had a chance to photograph it in the garden :-)


  1. Well, I am glad the germs have been banished. How nice that you and Sue got along and live close. Sewing friends are great to have.

  2. Glad your week has improved, and how lovely to meet up with a blog friend!

  3. Sorry your daughter has been sick! How lovely to have a bloggy sewing friend so near - glad she saved your sanity!


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