Monday, 18 February 2013

Feeling Brighter

In the last blog post I said I would share with you the little gift that I made for my husband for Valentines day.  Since then, the whole family, myself included have been hit by none other than the sick bug!  It relentlessly spread itself from one family member to the other, and I seemed to have it worst of all.  Suffice to say, not a lot of sewing or blogging for that matter, took place over the weekend :-(

But here we are now on Monday morning; I'm feeling better, my daughter has returned to pre-school, my son is asleep and the sun is shining.  All in all things are looking up.  

So where was I?  Oh yes, the Valentines gift.  This is what I gave my husband, I personalised a new, fluffy, giant bath sheet. 

 No more too small scratchy towels for him! 

And before illness struck, I was able to photograph a couple of the sets of commissioned bunting that i made last week.

Cupcake Bunting by

Pirate bunting by

Doesn't the sunshine and blue sky do wonders for photographs?! 

On Sunday, after a weekend of confinement, the only decent thing to do was to go for a little drive round the island and get some much needed fresh air.  I am so glad that we did because the views were stunning.  

Overlooking St Ouens Bay

The Lighthouse at Corbiere

It really feels like Spring has arrived.  I hope to get out and photograph more of beautiful Jersey in the Spring, it's days like this that I feel even luckier to live here.  

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  1. Wow the views and blue sky are stunning! Not something we Aussies associate with Britain! Is it warming up to feel like spring too? We've had it far too hot here in South Australia this weekend, 39C today! Yuck. I love the buntings. My son is Joe so this one really spoke to me!

  2. Ooh, we had that yucky stomach thing around here, too, back at the beginning of January. Not fun at all!

    I love a nice, big, soft towel! Also, I'm a little jealous of your bathroom with the nice, deep tub and good light. Ours is tiny and weirdly colored.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Glad you and the fam are feeling better. Love those views - just beautiful. The towel is a great idea and you'll be busted if you ever try to use it without him knowing ;-)

  4. Glad you are feeling better. Very nice V Day present. And a beautiful place to live.

  5. Lovely man present, they're so hard to make for aren't they! Love the pics of your beautiful island paradise, so spring feeling : )

  6. hope your all better now. your letters look fab on the bunting and lucky Pete! x

  7. Happy you are feeling better! Fabulous towel!! And lovely pics!

  8. Beautiful towel and pictures. Glad you feel better. Great job on the bunting.

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