Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Slow and Steady Progress

I'm all out of sorts this week.  I think that's what happens when it's a Bank Holiday Weekend.  But I can't complain, it was such a glorious weekend of pure blue skies and sunshine.  And no I'm not joking!  We had  lovely time and went to the annual Boat Show, which was a fantastic event with so much to see and do. 

My daughter even got to sit in the pilot seat of a Royal Navy helicopter, climb aboard the airport fire engine and sit in a lifeboat.  Not to mention the bouncy castle :-)
The next day we had our first proper trip of the year to the beach.  By that I mean suncream, beach towels, buckets and spades, everything!  My son just LOVED it.  So much so that he even thought that eating sand would be a good idea!  

But all that sunshine and fresh air made me soooo sleepy!  So come the evenings, when I was meant to be working on bunting orders from my website it was all I could do to stay awake.

I'm pleased to report that good progress has been made on the orders now, and I have returned to my Anchors Away quilt, that I duly quilted last week.  Here it is  last week, quilted and waiting for the binding. 

The binding is well underway now too.  Just 2 sides of hand stitching on the back to go. 
I can't wait to get some decent shots of this quilt.  Just up the road is the most gorgeous little village called Rozel, and I think it would make the perfect setting for my nautical themed photo shoot.
So watch this space, I can't wait to share this finish with you. 
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  1. Love the photo of W toddling on the beach with his spade in the air - gorgeous, as is the AA quilt :)

  2. Such a sweet image of your son and they ALL eat sand don't they?

  3. The nautical quilt looks gorgeous. I love to see those sunny pictures, we've lost the sun here now.


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