Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday Stash #3

I have a very special blogging friend called Chrissie.  It's one of those friendships that has just grown and grown and although we've never met, (yet!) I feel like we know each other really well already.  We are always sharing quilting tips and ideas; or should I say Chrissie shares and I listen, she is such a wonderful wealth of knowledge I don't think there's anything I could teach her that she doesn't already know!  (Do check out her blog, it really is fabulous, and there's some great tutorials too).
So anyway, about a month ago, a huge parcel landed on my doorstep with a New York stamp on it.  Bundles of fabric do land on my doorstep rather frequently, as I always purchase online, but I was pretty sure I hadn't placed an international order recently...
Oh my goodness what a wonderful surprise.  As well as a beautiful card, there was a Flying Geese Block Lock (a really great gadget to ensure perfect geese every time) and not just a bit of fabric, but a mountain of fabric.  And not just any old fabric. Oh no.  Only some exclusive New York fabric only available at The City Quilter!!!

I can't tell you how excited I am to get started on making this quilt. 
And guess who this quilt is going to be for...yes me!  I am going to sit on it and under it and wrap around it, and think my friendship with Chrissie, and all the wonderful people I have met online through this thing called quilting. 
Thank you once again Chrissie for such a special gift, I love it, and I'm so happy to have met you.  I just hope I can do it justice.
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PS Back soon with more lovely pictures from the Kaffe Fasset Life in Colour Exhibition.  To see part one, click here)


  1. Hello Sarah, As someone who actually knows Chrissie, I can tell you that she is everything you wrote about her and more. There are many of us who love her blog and are amazed at all her projects. And now I'm going to start following your blog, too! Happy Sewing!
    Christine (another Chrissie, but only to my dad)

  2. Sarah - how did this post slip past me and you never even mentioned it?!!! When I found it I thought it had to have been while I was in Seville but it wasn't so now I've really no excuse, except that it was the weekend between Prom and Graduation and Flicky had me super busy :$ . Whatever happened I loved choosing the fabric for you and I love what you're making with it even more and I'm so glad to have met you through this crazy quilty blogging world x By the way - Christine Frederick who has left the other comment which is equally making me blush is also Christine Janove, my first quilting teacher, who I adore!!! What a quilty love in this is turning into!!! ;)


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