Sunday, 12 May 2013

Anchors Away on Display

I've been harping on talking about my Anchors Away quilt now, for what seems like months on end, so thank goodness on Saturday night I put the final hand stitches in the binding!  And here it is. 


I had planned to photograph it against the perfect backdrop of a little fishing village called Rozel, just up the road from us.  But guess what.  It rained.  So the quilt photo shoot will have to wait until another (sunnier) day.  Looking at the forecast it could be a while.  Grrr!

But for now, here are the vital statistics.

Quilt Details
Designed and made by - Me :-)
Measures - 35" x 41"
Fabrics - Out to Sea by Sarah Jane and Kona White
Techniques - Raw edge applique (the anchor) machine pieced and machine quilted

I'm so happy to have a finish, it will be going in The Harbour Gallery  and also on my website very soon. 

By the way, I am dangerously close to 50 likers.   If you like my Anchors Away quilt, I would love  you to follow me...half way to 100 just sounds soooo much better than 48!  I might even have a giveaway in the very near future ;-)  Thank you so much and I look forward to stopping by your blogs too. 
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  1. Wow, Sarah, it's gorgeous! I love your fabric choices too. The whole thing is just amazing.

  2. It's a lovely quilt. How are things going at the gallery? I follow in bloglovin, does that count?

  3. Beautiful, the colours are lovely and really reflect the theme of the quilt. Gorgeous. xxx

  4. Love the binding and maps on the back side. Very nice!

  5. Those maps look amazing! Really lovely quilt x

  6. Think I might have just become your 50th follower :) Your quilt is gorgeous. Love Sarah Jane prints. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next.

  7. Your quilt looks really pretty. Love the map fabric.

  8. That's completely different from most quilts! Such detail and hard work gone into those!

  9. You know I love it Sarah, it's absolutely beautiful, I sure it'll be snapped up straight away once it's in the Harbour Gallery x

  10. Beautiful. The colours match the theme really well. I love the anchor!

  11. Your quilt is lovely, I especially like the world map bits. Nice to see you made your 50 mark for likes, I'm number 51.

  12. Excellent quilt, the backing is inspired... but who is going to be the lucky recipient?


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