Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Satisfactory Sunday

I'm feeling pleased with myself today. 
Not because I've sewn anything remarkable but because dragging my entire family (i.e a 2 year old, 4 year old and a grumpy husband) to the indoor boot fair to sell our 'stuff' actually turned out to be rather profitable.  Mr Candy transformed his 'why are we doing this face' to a concealed smile when we counted the cash at the end of the sale.  I knew it would be worth it!  And you can't beat that de-cluttering feeling.  Love it.
So can I spend the fruits of my labours on more fabric?  Well perhaps some of it.  Look what I purchased last week. 
Sometimes I'm such a sucker for a novelty print and I have soooo many ideas of what to do with this!  I'm thinking cushions, quilted journals...that should get boys into writing! 
I'm working on a couple of cute little Christmas items for my children at the moment too.  I'm nearly finished so hopefully I'll be  able to get a decent photo tomorrow.
Hope you all had a productive weekend too.  What have you been making? 
Sarah x
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  1. Love that superhero print! A journal is a great idea. And a pillow with a pocket to keep it in! Great scores!

  2. Well done - we so need a profitable clearout!

  3. Great to hear your boot fair was worth the early rise from bed. Can't wait to see the end result of your superhero prints.

  4. I have lots of plans for Christmas but no starters yet. Must get on that.

    Thanks for linking to Sunday Stash!

  5. Of course you can use your profit for fabric. My plan for the year was to use a box of fabric; I think I have. But I have bought mor than a box. I need a fair to sell things at! cheers on your good sale.

  6. Great idea to have a profitable clearout. Loving the superhero fabric!

  7. That is a fabulous dude-friendly print. Nice haul!

  8. Well done you for clearing out clutter. Any desire to come help me? ;-)


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