Monday, 11 November 2013

Bagging a Bargain

This weekend was a particularly hectic one.  It seems my children's social lives consume the majority of my life.  But in between under 5's socialising madness, I did manage to grab myself a bit of a bargain. 
In Jersey we have a store called Imagination.  It's a toy shop come kitchen/electronics shop, come café/card shop and it has the biggest selection of adult craft materials on the island.  I was always popping there for threads, rotary cutter blades, buttons...
But now the craft section is closing - disaster!  I am really gutted as I was always nipping there when  having a craft shortage and didn't have the patience to order online and wait. 
But the silver lining is, they've extended their 50% off sale to no less than 75% off all adult craft materials!  Well who was I to pass up such a good opportunity to stock up. 
The shelves were pretty depleted but as you can see they still had a good range of threads, so I bought most of them!  And some ribbon to wrap my customer orders, some navy bias binding and some plastic pockets.  All this for £15.00.  I think that's the bargain of the century :-)
I've also been busy with bunting orders, this time a couple of sets of butterfly bunting, similar to this one.
Another busy week lies ahead; I shall be making some Christmas bunting for a customer, a bit like this one but with the word 'Noel'.  The perfect decoration for someone who's travelling (as she is) as it will fit nicely in the suitcase :-)

I also want to make some of the quilted journals that I made a few weeks ago.  I'm looking forward to sharing them with you soon!
Sarah x


  1. Ahhh! That's annoying that your shop is shutting :-( but you got good stash put of it, so bright side!
    E xx

  2. Quite a snap at £15! Looking forward to seeing the bunting and more of your journal covers :D x

  3. That's a great bargain. Too bad the shop is closing. Lovely bunting. Looking forward to seeing the new ones you make :)

  4. What a bargain, but such a shame the shop is closing down. Hopefully another one will pop up in its place.


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