Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Triangle City

That's what it's felt like in my studio kitchen these last few weeks.  I mustn't complain, it's great to be so busy with bunting orders for Christmas.  All I can say is I'm glad I've got a template and a rotary cutter! 
So here's a new one I put together last week for a friend who wanted a gift for a baby boy that wasn't too cutesy babyish, as she wanted it to last in his room for a couple of years.  Those good old chevrons did the job...I hope!

I'd not heard of the name 'Avi' before, I had to keep checking to make sure I had the spelling was correct.  How silly is that with a 3 letter word?!
I was also asked if I could make some space/robot bunting for 2 brothers.  I immediately knew I had the perfect fabric in my stash.
Isn't it just adorable.  It's Rebekah Gilnda Robotic and available at my favourite store of all time, Eclectic Maker.  But get in quick because it's selling out fast.  I had to stock up on Robotic supplies, as I plan to make a quilt for my littlest Candy for his 2nd Birthday at the end of January.  At this rate he'll be lucky to get it before he's 3! 
I've also been busy making more Christmas bunting and Circus bunting; at one stage I had 5 sets of bunting on the go simultaneously.  That was a lot of triangles!
I hope you are having a productive week too.  Bunting is fun but I can't wait to make a quilt soon!

Sarah x


  1. I completely understand the name problem. I had to make a baby blanket for an 'Eve Tiger Mae' this summer and I was so worried that I'd get the Eve and Mae the wrong way round - even though I had it written down!
    Hope you get the orders finished and some of your own sewing soon. A quilt for your littlest with robotics will be gorgeous. Juliex

  2. Everything in small doses in reckon! Looking lovely though xxx

  3. I made a quilt for a child late last year and included her name on the label. Early this year I made the same girl an apron and Flicky cut out the letters so I could applique them on - couldn't believe it, Flicky spelt her name differently but turns out correctly. She has an unusual spelling of what I thought was a simple name, only one way to spell it, name. I offered to remake the label on her quilt but she wouldn't let me, she said everyone spells her name wrong and she wanted to keep it just as it is. Talk about mortified!

    Love your bunting as always x

  4. So glad you are getting lots of orders. That's great!

  5. I used to make bunting for craft fairs and eBay and used to get fed up making it after a while so I know how you feel. You make more than I did though.

  6. My sister's asked me to make her some bunting for her wedding next year...think I'm going to have to practise!! Love your lettering, it always looks so neat :)

  7. Love the robot fabric, and the chevrons definitely work!


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