Monday, 2 December 2013

Busy with Bee Blocks

Last week I worked frantically to finish of my strip for the Strip Bees Quilt.  So I'm pleased to finally share with you a few sneek peeks, without giving too much away. 

Here  aresome little Russian dollies;

Some funky flowers;

Aren't these Lamas the cutest!  I simply had to include these.


 And look at this cheeky looking lobster.  He's been a favourite of mine for a long time now. 

All in all rather an eclectic mix!  I'm pretty sure they tie in with the rest of the quilt - somehow!  And I can't wait for March when we all get to finally get our original strips back, only this time as a complete quilt top.  Only 2 strips left to go, how did that happen! 

I'm working on some more Christmas gift tags tonight, a bit like this one.

I'm making 5 but I might just make 7 - one for me and one for Mr Candy too! 

Sarah x


  1. Love those fabrics Sarah they are so cute!! And those llamas are very special :) Well done on finishing...I'm debating whether to try and get my other one done before Christmas...we'll see!!

  2. These are very unusual! Will be interested to see the final quilt. Nice gift tags too.

  3. Agh!! I love your fabrics for your bee blocks, scrolling thru I said Oh I love those Russian dolls, oh wait, I love the lama's! Oh wait.. Super cute!! And I love your tags too. :) You should do a tutorial on them!

  4. Those bee block fabrics are fab. Your stash must have a wealth of wonderful fabrics in it.

  5. Round robin bees are such fun - gorgeous additions.

  6. After all those sneak peeks I can't wait to see the whole thing!!! x


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