Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Last Stitch

Well that's me done for 2013...all my orders complete, woo hoo! 
Last night I put the last stitch into a custom order; a quilted journal cover using this gorgeous 'high tea' fabric. 

I love these fabrics and the ribbon was an early Christmas gift from a dear friend of mine.  It couldn't have been more perfect, matching the icing on those little cupcakes that look good enough to eat ;-)

I've packed my sewing machine away for now, and I won't bee seeing it again for over a week (breathe!!) as we are visiting the Welsh Valleys for a family Christmas. 
I've even managed to finish the stocking cross stitch, that I had so many kind comments about. 
Hooray!  That's another WIP ticked off the list, and all I have left on my list is my bee strip for February. 
It's such a great feeling clearing the decks and making way for new projects. 
Which start when we arrive at our rented cottage!  I'm pretty sure that Santa has fulfilled my wish, and that a Tula Pink Needlepoint Kit is on it's way to me very soon.  I've never done needlepoint before, and I can't tell you how excited I am to start this!
Tula Pink Parisville Needlepoint Kit
I'm giving myself a year; the plan is to have it finished by next Christmas.  I really want a portable project that I can work on when I'm not near my machine and I liked the idea of trying needlepoint and I just loved the colours in this.  Not to mention her hairstyle!  I'll let you know how I get on.
This will probably be my last post now until after Christmas, as I fear that the wifi signal in the Valleys is going to be anything between bad and non-existent.  But what a good excuse to crack on with my tapestry in between chasing after excitable young children and catching up with all the family. 
So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope it's a good one and I look forward to being back before the year is out.
Sarah x


  1. How fun!! Glad you can get away for the holidays and yay to finishing everything up! Love the journal cover and can't wait to see your Tula Pink pillow! Gorgeous!!

  2. Isn't it wonderful to finish up projects? Yours are lovely, and I think you will enjoy the needlepoint....though I'm still doing a William morris cushion 4 years on! Great portable sewing tho'. Enjoy your holidays and here's to new stitchy projects in 2014.

  3. Two lovely projects to finish the year on a high! Enjoy Wales, have a very merry Christmas x

  4. What a lovely post, I love the journal cover so pretty and the cushion will be beautiful, enjoy. I hope you have a lovely time with your family, I love Wales and have spent many happy times there.

    Peg xx

  5. What amazing projects! Just beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

  6. Love the finished stocking. Have a good Christmas :-)

  7. The Welsh Valleys does sound like a lovely place to spend Christmas! The stocking is so gorgeous! And that needlepoint project is fantastic - I didn't know Tula Pink had needlepoint kits!

  8. Delightful work, as always, Sarah - love that quilted journal cover. You'll have to teach us how to make them! Have a great holiday, look forward to seeing you and your lovely work in 2014. Nadoling Llawen x

  9. I love the cross stitch. That would have taken me ten years to finish, sporadically! Have a great Christmas in the Welsh Valleys. Sounds cold!

  10. Congrats on the finish Sarah. I knew you could do it!! Loving that needlepoint, the colours are gorgeous. Have a super time in Wales and a wonderful Christmas!!! See you in the New Year :)


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