Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Special Lesson

A few months back my daughter's school had a Promises Auction and they were asking parents to donate items, skills and goods.  Sadly I don't have a villa in Spain to offer for rent, but I do have a few craft supplies and a big kitchen table.  So I thought it would be rather fun to offer a 3 hour parent and child craft session in my home. 
And so yesterday was the day mum and daughter came to my house, and we set to work on some little Christmas themed Cross stiches.  Christie is 7 and my goodness once she got going there was no stopping her, she hardly even stopped for a chocolate biscuit!  Here she is concentrating hard on her adorable reindeer motif.
We had such a lovely afternoon, chatting, sewing, listening to cheesy Christmas music and generally getting to know one another. 

Three hours simply whizzed by.  But the reindeer cross stitch was complete! 

If you look closely you'll see that we even used red beads for Rudolph's nose :-)

Mum Cleo made a good start on a gorgeous Christmas heart.  I know she's really looking forward to working on it in the evenings leading up to Christmas, and I can't wait to see it finished. 
Didn't they do well!
Sadly there wasn't time to do anything with Rudolph while they were here, but later I put him on a matching red notebook.  I'll see them both tomorrow and I can't wait to give it to Christie!

It was such fun, I'm thinking of offering a Valentines Special class as well.  In the busy lead up to Christmas, it was such a joy just to sit and forget about everything for a few hours and sew.  Thank you so much to Christie and Cleo for your being such a pleasure to teach.

Sarah x


  1. What a great idea!! I wish you could teach me to cross stitch! I love your red and white mug. I always have my eye out....I collect them!!

  2. Christie's reindeer is gorgeous, and its lovely to see young people wanting to learn hand crafts. I think more classes will be a great idea.

  3. How awesome!! That was so sweet of you to offer your talents, home and company for a fun afternoon of good!!!

  4. What a fab idea! And fun for you too :-)

  5. That is a brilliant idea! I love the beads for his shiny nose!

  6. Fab Sarah, it's never too early or late to start and I love Christie's reindeer, looks fab on the book cover too :D

  7. What a cool idea for an auction prize! Christie and Cleo look very proud of their new skills. Well done.


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