Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Books and Binding

I haven't blogged for ages.  But I'm pleased to say I'm back!   And I've a few things to share. 
First up is some gorgeous fabrics that a very dear friend of mine, Heidi sent me, to cheer me up, because a few weeks ago I had all 4 wisdom teeth out - ouch! 
They are a bit thicker than quilting cottons, a bit canvas-y, so I am thinking what I can make with them.  Any ideas??  They are so gorgeous, and I just love those pink birds and butterflies. 
I've managed to get some sewing done in the evenings, this time some quick finishes, which have been wholly satisfying after a few days away from the sewing machine.  I started thinking about teacher presents for Christmas, and given that my daughter's teacher is a man, it posed a few problems as I didn't think he would appreciate a mug rug, which is what I made for the (female) nursery teachers last year.
Last years teacher presents
In fact I was very limited.  A quilt. No.  A cushion. No.  A bag.  No.  Bunting.  Definitely no!
Then it occurred to me that perhaps he might like a 'manly' journal, so I searched for a tutorial, and found this little gem. 
And I came up with this, using left overs of my gorgeous City Quilter fabrics.
It was soooo much fun to make, and I am thrilled with the result.  It's held together by sewing in a little hair elastic to the back, in this case a black one, which simply wraps around the button.  It's hard to tell in this picture but the whole journal is quilted, and I've just used a hardback notebook that I picked up at the local pound store in town. 
I also made one for the teaching assistant, this time a lady, using these gorgeous fabrics.
These journals were such a great excuse to raid my ribbon stash and also sift through my buttons of all shapes and sizes, and Cinderella style find the one that was the perfect match.   
In fact I got a little bit obsessed with making journals last week and also made a 'London' journal. 
This fabric was in the goodie bag that I received at the Fat Quarterly Retreat, so there was  just enough to make one notebook, and put my gorgeous solider ribbon to good use.  I knew I would find a home for it one day! 
I have plans to make lots more journal covers.  They are so fun to make and  I love how different each one looks.  My next one will feature pink, cakes and cake stands - perfect for keeping those baking recipes safe.  Watch this space.
But for now journal making is on hold, as I'm finishing a little doll quilt and now that I've finished hand quilting, I shall mostly be binding.
 Oh and catching up on blog reading.  I've missed it!
Sarah x
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  1. Lovely stuff Sarah! I went through a phase of making notebook covers a few years back and now I actually teach that in a class. Your's are lovely, especially as they are quilted, and I recognised that London fabric! Sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth trauma :( Your hand quilting is beautiful in the last photo BTW! xx

  2. Lucky teachers..... love the notebook covers I really want to give that a go they look fab! I hope you've recovered after the wisdom teeth ...at least one of mine is causing problems and when I *had* a dentist he said it would have to come out. As I have no dentist at the mo it won't be happening any time soon :)

  3. I like the journal for your man teacher! Nice to have somehting handmade, but not totally feminine. I think that's somehting very hard to find.
    (Welcome back by the way. hope your teeth are feeling better... :-/ Mouth is feeling better)
    E xx

  4. The heavier weight fabric is shouting to be made into a bag.

  5. Lovely makes Sarah especially the journal covers. Hope you are fully recovered now from your wisdom teeth extraction. I agree with Sue, a bag would be the perfect answer for your pretty fabric

  6. Cute projects! Love the idea of a journal for men...

  7. Love your journals! The fabric choices are perfect, especially the one for the male teacher.

  8. Your journals are certainly going to be appreciated! And I have a quilt in those fabrics( in the last photo) which you are quilting ! I'm looking forward to seeing that one finished!

  9. Welcome back Sarah, I've missed you. Beautiful projects, I am coveting the London journal!!

  10. Welcome back, Sarah, I was wondering what had happened to you. Love the book covers. The heavier weight cotton might make a nice bag

  11. Love the journals! The canvas would make lovely cushions x

  12. I love these journals!! They are so cute!


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