Thursday, 15 November 2012

Choosing Fabrics

I think I love quilting so much because I love fabric so much.  And what better way put beautiful fabrics to good use than in a quilt that is going to be loved and cherished.

Regrettably, the range of fabrics available in Jersey is somewhat limited.  I do so miss the luxury of walking into a quiltng shop and mixing and matching fabrics, playing with colours and pattern combinations.  So I do have to mainly rely on the internet for my fabric purchases.  You never can quite experience the fabrics in the same way as if you had them in your hand.  It also makes it hard to mix and match; sometimes the colours in real life are just that bit different to how they appear online. 
So to get over this, I tend to purchase fabrics in bundles and collections.  There are so many gorgeous bundles out there, and I do have to resist clicking 'add to basket' every time a new collection comes out.  But sometimes I see a new collection that I know is perfect for my brand and I just to have it immediately. 
That's what happened when I saw the Petite Odile Collection by French General.  It was in my basket before you could say 'Paypal.'  Just look at how gorgeous it is. 
I love the warm, muted tones paired with the beautiful vintage details. 
Children playing;
Dogs wandering;
Letters dancing;

Flowers blooming;

Berries gleaming.

I have some exciting ideas for a quilt with this exquisite fabric and I can't wait to make a start and share them with you. 

Sarah x


  1. There are some really lovely fabrics in there. It's going to make a gorgeous quilt... very elegant.

  2. What a lovely colour scheme - looking forward to seeing what you make from it.

  3. Love the colours of these fabrics. I've just been reading about Quilt Candy over at Handmade Harbour. Your quilts are beautiful!

  4. I'm loving these fabrics, might have to invest myself! :)

  5. Wonderful colors and fabrics!

  6. I love all things French General. She never designs a bad range.

  7. I too love French General fabrics. La Belle Fleur may be falling into my shopping basket soon! I've just found your blog, through Sue at Caesarea Scrappers. I like what I see. Being Australian I don't know a lot about the Channel Islands. Most of my family have all visited the UK (where they originated from) but not the islands.


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