Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Stash #1

This year my stash has increased 100 fold.  I think it's because I just. love. fabric.   I am purchasing fabrics faster than I can make things.  So what better way to admire my burgeoning collection than to join:
Finding Fifth
 So without further ado, I  share with you my latest, and most festive purchase to date:
There are endless exciting possibilities for this fabric.
But over the festive period I am going to be away from my sewing machine for longer than I care to think about, so I am going to have to indulge in a little EPP. 
My plan is to make a placemat for Santa's mince pies and the carrots for Rudolph.  I am in the very early design stages, but I am thinking possibly a snowflake type formation. 
I just can't wait to get started playing around with some festive little hexies. 
What are you making this Christmas?
Sarah x 



  1. Christmas greens and reds are so festive, aren't they! I look forward to seeing your hexies project. Are you traveling or just busy with holiday activities? I hope to keep up with my sewing but it can be tough at this time of year. Pretty cake plate, too :-)

  2. I spy some Cherry Christmas there. Love it. Good idea to plan ahead with some hand sewing so you don't get withdrawal symptoms when you are away from your machine.

  3. Oh so lovely to have you link up. I am curious to check out more of your posts. Nice selection and a great idea to create a carrot and cookie runner/mat. I started embroidery this year for the times when I am away from my machine too.


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