Wednesday, 28 November 2012

WIP Wednesday

The quilting marathon continues.
I am working on a quilt that's going to be featured in a magazine, so regrettably I can't show you more than a glimpse.  I'm so frustrated as I'm dying to share it with you!  (You can see another sneak peak here )
Here it is, a week ago, ironed and ready for basting and quilting. 
Progress has been a little slower than I would like, due to presents needing to be purchased and wrapped, in readiness for early Christmas celebrations this weekend before we go on our travels.  
I have loved every minute of machine quilting this quilt; it's a big quilt with a gentile personality and with every stitch I feel it's a step closer to being complete.   
Then I'm going to face a major problem.  As you can see, my quilt features white.  And my garden currently features rain.  And mud.  In large quantities.  The sky is grey.  I mean dark grey.  Pretty much all the time.  So it's not an ideal backdrop for a summer quilt.  I am just going to have to get creative with this one indoors.  Either that or pray for sunshine! 
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Sarah x


  1. What pretty colours and fabrics, Sarah - you can just tell this is going to be a beauty :)

  2. How exciting for you! And, it looks like a quilt worthy of print even with just a peek.

  3. Pretty fabrics! Congratulation on having a project in a magazine, that is really exciting.

  4. Oh I'm so excited to see this quilt Sarah! I love the purple and white dots - it looks very similar to Early Birds 'Poka Dot' by Jane Sassaman that I used in my Sparkle Plenty Quilt?

  5. How exciting to be in a magazine! The quilt sneak peek looks lovely, I am eager to see more! Too bad about all the rain. It's a shame the quilt can't go on holiday with you :)


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