Thursday, 8 November 2012

Happy Drawing Blanket

I had been looking forward to using my leftover Ed Emberley Happy Drawing Fabrics for some time now.  (The original quilt is here.)

And then the weirdest thing happened.  I got them from my stash, and I thought I'd just catch up with a few blogs before starting to sew.  I went to my friend Yzo's blog over at Chez Roo and low and behold, she was using a different version of the very same fabric at exactly the same time. 
Check it out here...

And it gave me an idea.  I just loved the idea of appliquing individual animals.  So I thought I would add a couple to the solid patches of my blanket. 


And I thought this sleeping blue frog on the back would be quite fun too. 

Don't they look cute!  Thank you so much Yzo for the inspiration. 

Here is the finished blanket;

And here it is keeping one of my son's dinosaurs warm.

I think I love the porcupine most of all.  Which one is your favourite?

Sarah x


  1. The fox! So very foxy! Thank you - book arrived safely with my parents!x

  2. What a cute idea! I love this fabric, too! I sewed mine and stuffed them.

  3. The frog for me, I love his sad little face :)

  4. They are so cute.
    I love the crocs best.

  5. This looks so cute Sarah! Personally, I am all about the porcupine :)

  6. The frog definitely. I'm a sucker for frogs! They're all pretty cute though. Adorable little blanket!

  7. I kind of like that cranky looking tiger for some reason. Gorgeous fabric choices and I like how Mr Dinosaur uses it to keep warm.


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